More recommendations on gluten free foods...

Hello, all!
I'm kind of avoiding my homework for the moment (I'm having trouble writing a paper) and thought I'd tell you about two new gluten free snacks I've tried.

First, I love the Yummy Earth organic gummy bears. They're gluten free, but also corn syrup free and lots of other dairy free things. (

Also, I've found a oreo type substitute: Glutino chocolate vanilla creme cookies. They taste JUST LIKE oreos, but they're GF.

Hope this helps!

Gluten... the enemy... and some GF products to try

So, as most of you know, I'm gluten intolerant. I have been getting worse and worse about sticking to my diet for this recently-- mainly because the cafeteria's gluten free options are usually pretty much the same everyday. As much as I love black beans and rice (sometimes mixed with GF grilled chicken) it gets tiresome after a while-- especially when I spent the entirety of last semester eating nothing but rice and black beans. But I've come to realize that I really need to take this seriously. My body is really reacting right now-- not just in my digestive system (I know, TMI), but also in my mood and my energy levels. I feel like I'm in a gluten coma about half the time. I have little spurts of energy, but for the most part I'm pretty drained and combining that with this class schedule just isn't wise. So, due to the fact that I'm trying really hard to respect the body that God gave me with all its little annoying qualities (like being allergic to mint- which caused an allergic reaction the other day) and due to the fact that another of my dear friends was just diagnosed with celiac (something I have yet to be tested for, but I'm terrified I'll end up with), I have been looking at some different gluten free options for food.

There's a grocery store line in IN called Meijer that is like Target only less expensive and more GF friendly that I have recently fallen in love with (they also have a beautiful selection of all natural beauty/cleaning supplies). For me, going there is really exciting because there are four whole sections of shelves of things that I can eat!

Here are some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite)gluten free products that I've found:

MI-DEL GF Arrow Root cookies: These are my greatest addiction. They're like animal cookies. My dad and I both love them. I've found them at WalMart as well as Meijer, so I assume they're available all over.

Glutino crackers, Original: These are great. You can eat peanut butter on them and they taste just like real crackers. Not that nasty stale-rice taste that is so common among gluten free crackers.

Glutino crackers, cheddar: These don't really taste like cheddar. The taste is a little weird, I don't really recommend them.

Envirokidz cereal: These are great! They make all kinds, and the ones I've had (Gorilla Munch, Amazon Frosted Flakes, and Panda Puffs) were delicious. It's kind of like eating captain crunch when we were kids.

Envirokidz Rice bars: These are like cereal bars, only not. I really like the Fruity Burst ones and the peanut butter, but I think that the Lemur Peanut-Choco Drizzle ones are kind of weird (there are whole peanuts, which doesn't really jive with the rice bar texture. Then again, I'm weird about texture in food.

Nature's Path also makes several other gluten free cereals and bars outside of the envirokidz brand, for those of you who aren't small children like me. I've had some and always been pleased.

KIND bars are great, too. I don't like the almond ones, but that's because I don't like almonds. I love the peanut sesame with chocolate ones. They're like a cliff bar, only gluten free. I HIGHLY recommend them. Warning: kind of pricy. Buying one KIND bar is the same as buying 6 Envirokidz rice bars. However, they are healthier and more filling.

I've bought more items and will update this list as I go along!!

Now, for some homework and Girl's Night (because the boys are having MAN night, so we felt like we could paint our nails).