An update and a Prayer Request

It has been a while since I’ve written. This is mostly because I’ve been busy—I think I’ve been putting in 50-60 hour weeks instead of 40. Seriously. There were a couple days where I worked 13-hour shifts—and one was on my day off!

It’s official now that I’m staying at Butler. My new title is “Director of Campus Ministry,” and I’m actually getting kind of excited. I’ve started to re-decorate the office. Last week, S. Hannah and a couple students helped me build a couple bookshelves (okay, to be honest, Hannah basically built the whole thing the second time). I’m slowly working my way into being comfortable with staying in Indy, although I have occasional bouts of sadness about not being in Missouri or Texas, which are really the only states worth being in by my estimation!

I am fortunate in that the Woods (St. Mary of the Woods) is close to Indy and that with that comes many friends and wonderful sisters who have been my rock and strength during the last year. And, in spite of popular belief, I do actually have a few friends who live here in Indy, mostly through the Sisters or Echo Alums, plus a few friends I’ve met through Butler. I am now also working at the Humane Society, which has given me an opportunity to finally meet people (and, more importantly, fluffy, cuddly dogs!) who aren’t Catholic or who don’t expect me to be a minister 24//7. It’s kind of nice to spend 2 hours a week just being a dog walker.

At any rate, it’s late here and I want to go to sleep, but I thought I needed to write an update after being away for three months. So much good has happened in that time and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it with you. But there was so much sadness, too, and it has taken me a long time to rise up from it.

I have to ask a special request of those of you who pray. Please, please pray for a special intention for me. It’s very important and while I know to trust God, I haven’t been this anxious about something in a long time—especially not something that I have no control over, like this. I’ll post more soon. Just pray!