Quick update and prayer request

Today is one of those rare days when I get to feel really domestic. I didn’t have to work late because the students aren’t back yet and when I got home I made homemade soup (http://www.marthastewart.com/338115/sausage-and-kale-soup), which has become a way to feed myself by making a huge pot and freezing it so I can take it to work. Then, I even washed the dishes by hand because our industrial dishwasher is on the fritz. Needless to say that now, a little after 9pm, as I drink my tea from my little teapot and sit for what seems like the first time in forever, I’m exhausted.

My to-do list seems a mile long and my to-blog list is almost as daunting. It’s only been a few weeks since I last wrote on Christmas Eve, but so much has happened since then. For example, on Christmas morning I had a gallbladder attack and was too sick to go to Mass (which breaks my heart, since Christmas Mass is so special). After Christmas was over and I had spent a lovely evening with the Mugel ladies watching The Help, I went down to Dallas for a week. It was so wonderful to be “home” again—that’s how I feel about Dallas, like it’s my second home and there are so many people there who I love. On the way down, I stopped at Molly’s, which was like heaven on earth getting to see one of my best friends. We shared gluten free food and talked about our lives. After that wonderful experience, I drove onto Dallas. I wasn’t able to see my old spiritual director, but I was able to see my friends from UD: Jill, Hunter, Mark, Patty, and Gabbi; my dear friends, the Kossuths, and, of course, my family, the Ponikiewski/Parents! Also (and perhaps most importantly), I got to see Dr. John Sommerfeldt!! That’s right, UD students, be jealous. I even got a hug! (He’s my favorite professor ever.)

I got to spend New Year’s Eve with the family. My friend, Mark, came along and we watched Randi, Patty, and Travis play guitar. Trevor ABANDONED US for one of his friends’ parties, which we gave him much grief for.

I might write more about my trip later. It was a wonderful opportunity to see people I love and to reflect on how much has changed in the seven months since I moved away from Dallas. I really want to move back there. I miss that family as much as I miss my own and I wish there was some way that I could have both with me. I’m trying to convince Mom and Dad to move to Dallas with me when I graduate ND.

On the way home, I stayed at my friend Emily’s in Springfield, MO. Emily, Vanessa, and I have made it a tradition for the past six years to spend New Years together, but this year it was a little belated and we celebrated on the fourth. We did have fun, though, until I had another gallbladder attack (my third in two weeks) and spent the whole night sick. Finally, I was feeling better in the morning and ate breakfast with Em then headed back to Rolla.

After that, nothing very exciting happened except two things: one, Aunt Melania had a super awesome concert, which I went to with Hannah, Teresa, and Mom; two: as you might have noticed, I have mentioned my gallbladder several times by now. That would be because I need to have it removed. Right now I’m trying to deal with it by eating according to what will supposedly make my gallbladder happy. A friend has recommended a few things and a website with more information for me. So, I would appreciate prayers for that.

Anyways, I’ll write more later. When I started this, I was home alone but now everyone’s home so I can’t really concentrate on conversation and writing at the same time.