10 Thoughts... September 2011

10 Thoughts on Whole Living for September 2011 from Whole Living Magazine 1. You won’t know how fast you can go until you try.
2. Changing the way you eat may be the most transformative action you can make.
3. When you fully inhabit the moment, inspiration is likely to join you there.
4. Nature can only work its healing magic if you immerse yourself in it.
5. Blaming never fixes what you think it will.
6. Don’t confuse what you think with what you are.
7. Flowers, herbs, oil: beauty begins with the simplest elements.
8. The first step to good health care is making yourself heard.
9. Financial ease comes from understanding what your money is doing for you—as well as to you.
10. When you’re overloaded, fight the urge to work harder. Instead, slow down and reflect on what matters most.