10 Thoughts on Whole Living, August 2011

10 Thoughts... from Whole Living magazine

1. We all have the ability to cultivate our own energy-- and to choose how to spend it.
2. Bees remind us that the rewards of diligence and communal effort are sweet.
3. Summer bounty is a transitory treasure. To truly appreciate the flavors, you must savor the moment.
4. Water is the ultimate healer: it soothes, supports, and provides resistance where you need it most. Take a dip.
5. Finding your way- in the woods, as in life- requires strategy, precision, and a dose of optimism.
6. Personal style says as much about your values as it does your taste.
7. The less you do to food, the more it has to offer you.
8. Embrace the unfamiliar: you can't get somewhere new without exploring uncharted territory.
9. Like the sun, you are an untapped source of renewable power.
10. Don't let the prospect of scraped knees or bug bites keep you inside. They're symbols of a life well lived.