The Psalms as poetry

In my Patristic and Medieval Interpretations of the Psalter class, we have been discussing, strangely enough, the Psalms. Today's readings were all about the beauty of the psalms and their ability to act as a medicine for the faithful.

It reminded me of something Dr. Maurer once said about poetry being the most beautiful quality of language. I know that Tolkien says a language isn't a language until it has a story, but I think a language can't be beautiful until it has poetry (In Tolkien's defense, many of his stories were in lyric). Poetry is intrinsically beautiful. And by reading the Psalms, which are written in poetry, we come into contact with beauty that was not only made by God, but divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and given as a piece of God's word for man. It is a medicine for the soul and the mind. In the article, it reminded us that the Psalms were meant to be internalized and memorized. Perhaps in doing so, we can purify our minds.

Just a few thoughts. I hope everyone is well.