A recap of the week...

So, the last week has been pretty crazy. As I said before, Thursday was convocation and senior TGIT. It is strange to think that I’ll never go to another TGIT, that I’m only a couple days from graduation. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong, but after this crazy week I’m a little exhausted.

I’ll do a quick recap of the week, more for my sake than because anyone might be interested in reading about it. There are pictures below in my last post.

Convocation has always been something that I enjoy, ever since my freshman year. It is fun, with the announcement of what all the students are doing and the convocation speaker. It was cool this year, because I knew almost everyone. Hearing what we all are doing made it more real to me that we’re really leaving. Dr. Roper’s Convocation speech (which I would love a copy of, by the way) was wonderful. It was a good reminder of the fact that one of the biggest things in life is learning how to die to ourselves so that we might serve others.

After Convocation, Molly, Rebecca, Amanda and I took pictures in our caps and gowns. It was fun, but surreal. Seeing myself in my cap and gown had not been anywhere near so shocking as seeing Amanda and Molly. It made me realize that we really are graduating.

Senior TGIT went by in a flash, but it was wonderful to sit there and enjoy my friends and classmates. Then, Friday, was my last Campus Ministry Student Worker dinner. I received a beautiful “Gratitude Journal” from Denise and Tameko, which Tameko had made for me herself. I enjoyed the company of my dear friends, who have practically been my family for these last four years. Saturday was the Dinner Dance, and boy, was it fun. I have the best students ever, and it was beautiful and emotional to spend one last evening together. We were exhausted by the end, but it was a great night.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I went to Mass with the Ponikiewski/Parent family. It was my last Mass at HFN (for now, at least) and it was a little sad to say goodbye. We went to breakfast for Mother’s Day and then I had to come home and study.

Finals were crazy and hard, but I survived (I think so, anyways). And now, here we are, seemingly at the end of all things and yet at the beginning of so many others. I’m working in Campus Ministry right now, my last shift in my office and at my desk. It’s all so surreal, I know I used that word before, but it’s the only one I can think of to describe it all. My parents called a while ago from Joplin, they’re on their way. Tonight we’ll go out for girl’s night before my parents get here, then I’ll see my family and then… then, soon enough, it will all be over.

I’d like to ask prayers for the soul of my friend Karina and for her family. Also, please pray for me and for the Class of 2011. We’re all going out to our different corners of the world. I feel like we’re the Apostles, dividing up after Christ gave them their orders. It’s sad and hard to leave, but there are oh-so-many opportunities to come!