A Quick Note: Fortune Cookies, Easter, Prayer Requests and Mandy's Audition for the X Factor

I just ate a fortune cookie. My fortune said, "Follow your dreams." Thank you, Mr. Fortune Cookie, I think I'll do just that.

Aside from fortune cookies, there's a lot going on. Easter was two days ago and I enjoyed my first (and last) Easter here at UD. I went to the Vigil Mass at the Church of the Incarnation, where I have been working for four years now. After Mass (which was beautiful, I think that's the most I've ever enjoyed an Easter Mass), a bunch of my buddies and I had Praise and Worship. I really love that! After P&W, we went to Ihop- David, Jill, Michael, and I all went.

Easter was spent mostly with the Ponikiewskis, which is the best way to spend a day, in my own humble opinion. I was so grateful that they took me in and let me be a part of their family. They have been such a blessing to me the last couple years.

Now I'm in the midst of insanity as I'm struggling to finish up the semester. I translated five chapters tonight and have another four before being where I need to be. I have tons of reading to do as well. Most importantly, I have the high school retreat to get ready for this weekend (my last at HFN) and I have talks to prepare for that.

So, I'd like to make a quick prayer request in case anyone is reading this: Please pray for a) Edmund Ponikiewski, that he continues to heal and can come home soon; b) the Contagious Retreat this weekend, that we are able to reach out to the students and meet them where they are, bringing Christ into their lives; c) For my cousin, Amanda, who is auditioning for "The X Factor" tomorrow (a talent-style show with Simon from American Idol); d)For all UD seniors and professors, that we are able to get done what we need to get done as well as we possibly can before deadlines kick in.