Just some thoughts...

So, first of all, I have been accepted to the University of Notre Dame!! I am going to be part of a program at Notre Dame called Echo. It's a part of the Center for Catechetical Initiatives at Notre Dame (CCI). A lot of people have been asking me what "Echo" stands for.

On the website (http://www.nd.edu/~cci/faith/), they explain that " 'Catechesis' is derived from a Greek term meaning 'to echo' or 'to resound.' " This program is a Catechectical program training people to be catechists, whether in youth ministry, parish ministry, or wherever. As a part time youth minister, the idea that I could be better trained to better serve my youth and at the same time get a MA from Notre Dame for free is just excellent!

So, I'm really excited! This means that after I graduate on May 15, I will be going home and then starting classes in South Bend on June 13. It's not much of a summer break, but it will be exciting to finally get to devote time to studying theology (much more than a class here and a class there). Come the fall, I will be stationed at a parish in one of three dioceses (Indianapolis; Houston; or Camden, New Jersey). I'm praying for Indianapolis so I can be close to home and family.

Here in Dallas things are pretty crazy. I'm working hard to finish classes and trying to study well. I'm taking the GRE next weekend, which should be interesting since I have had zero time to study. Please pray for me!