Getting Ready...

Here I am, Sunday afternoon and completely unprepared for class tomorrow. All I can think about is Notre Dame. Questions keep popping up in my mind like what dorm will I be in? Where will I live during the year? What do I need to bring for my community house? What classes will I be taking? What books will be required?

I know I need to concentrate on the here and now, but I'm just not used to all this uncertainty looming over me. I'm used to the feeling that no matter what I'm doing next, I have the same friends, same house, same everything. Now I'm looking into uncertainty and it's a little mind boggling.

I have to finish the ND application and study for the GRE. I have to write a paper for theology tomorrow, read three chapters of Darwin and translate a couple paragraphs of Xenephon. Hopefully I can get it all done!

Pray for me!