Ari’s 30 by 30

1.     Read the Bible all the way through.

2.     Read all of Anzaldua’s published works.


3.     Get a tattoo

4.     Walk 1,000 miles

5.     Lose 30 lbs

6.     Get published

7.     Finish a draft of my dissertation

8.     Start my own business

9.     Learn how to/build my brand

10.  Master SEO

11.  Blog readership to 500


12.  Make 100 sales on etsy

13.  Capsule wardrobe with a style that suits me

14.  Go through stuff at Grandma’s

15.  Find someone to finish t-shirt quilt

16.  Get rid of 300 things

17.  Take a trip somewhere fun

18.  Do 5 things on my DFW bucket list

19.  Visit a TX winery

20.  Take a cooking class

21.  Do forgiveness on the people who have harmed me

22.  Create and stick to morning and evening rituals

23.  Work with Gary until he is really well trained and can pass a test


24.  Dye my hair lavender (completed Feb. 2018)

25.  Interview Dad

26.  Master budgeting

27.  Enter a calligraphy project into a show

28.  Digitize and recycle most of my files

29.  Go to Anzaldua’s archive

30.  Learn how to do makeup.