Quiet makes a good resource, but poor reading

As you might recall, I'm doing a program called Blogging for Books. I was given the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that Just Can't Stop Talking to review. Here are my thoughts:

I’ll start with the good and then go into the bad.

The book Quiet was an interesting read for me as an introvert. I think it helped me to understand myself better and to see how my own talents can make me a better leader, even in an extroverted world.

As a leader, I found the reading even more interesting as it explored the ways in which groups accomplish, or don’t accomplish, their tasks. An interesting reflection on the nature of human interactions, this book is a good read for anyone interested in learning more about those interactions.

The book, however, is not a “fun” read and I found it difficult to motivate myself to finish it in the midst of graduate exams. It’s certainly not what I would choose to read in the evening when my time is limited—there are so many more interesting books to read.

So, in the end, while I would recommend it as a great resource for introverts, extroverts wanting to understand introverts, and leaders wanting insight on leading large groups, I would not recommend this book as one to curl up with. Perhaps it would be better as a resource than as a book to read cover to cover.