Research and PhD Progress Update

Photo by  Mikayla Mallek  on  Unsplash

So, I’m not sure I even mentioned this on the blog, but I passed my qualifying exams back in August, so I am now officially a PhD Candidate in the English Department. I’m still in the process of writing my prospectus, although later this week I am scheduled to attend the Dissertation Bootcamp, where I plan on completing my draft. I’m a little behind, which is stressful because I have three papers I have to write this month—my prospectus (20ish pages), my paper for WLA, and my paper for SAMLA.

I know a lot of people (mostly my family) are asking when the heck I’ll be done with this degree. Please keep in mind that this is a FIVE-YEAR PROGRAM. No, I’m not graduating yet. I’m right on time for a fourth year. I still have this and another academic year to write my dissertation and I plan on moving as fast as I can, although my health seems to be getting in the way.

So, other than DBC this week, what am I up to? Here’s a sample:

  • I’m still working on my “elevator speech” (2 minute spiel covering what my dissertation is about and what it will accomplish), but I’m excited and working through my argument. As a preview for the future post when I will give my elevator speech, I’m talking about post-oppositionality, Chicana feminism, and mujerista theology. Exciting stuff.
  • My paper for the Western Lit Association conference is titled “Responding to the Revolutionary Urge: Las Hermanas and Claiming Hispanic Women’s Liberation Theology as a part of U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage” and will be part of a panel on recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage with my dissertation director, Dr. Priscilla Ybarra, and her friend, Dr. José Aranda. I’m excited and nervous and mostly stressed. But, it will be my first time at WLA and I’m sure it will be great.
  • I have attended SAMLA (South Atlantic MLA) twice before, but this will be my first time chairing a panel. I’m working with Dr. Kelly Walter Carney on the ASLE panels at SAMLA, which I’m excited about. Having been to SAMLA before, it’s a lot less stressful. Plus, I won’t be presenting in front of my director, so that’s a bonus right there.
  • I’m also still teaching two courses in the English Department, an American Lit course and a Comp II course. My students are great and they keep me busy for sure!

I’ll keep ya’ll up to date as I continue to progress through the PhD.