Current Pen Carry 10/30

Every couple weeks, I get to completely renew my pen carry. The main reason for this is that I simply write sooooooooo much. I go through ink and notebooks like nobody's business (which is a good thing because, as my next post will tell you when I finish it, I've got too many notebooks and a new addiction!).

Anyways, I thought I'd share my current carry.

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Stop and Smell the Roses

I have been a member of Goulet Pens’ Ink Drop since September 2014. My monthly ink samples have become a part of my life that reminds me to take time to enjoy something beautiful—an important reminder in the midst of the busy semester or even in the midst of my researching and writing during the summer. I have found a rhythm with my ink sampling to the extent that it has become vaguely ritualistic...

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