Goal Check In--43 days into 2019

I can’t believe it’s already February.

We’re 43 days into 2019 and I feel like I’m already falling behind on my goals. Moving has been hard since my back is messed up. I’m seeing a chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully that will make it possible for me to catch up on my walking goals. Texan bureaucracy is slowing down my name change paperwork (what millennial keeps a copy of their birth certificate?) and the sheer amount of time I spend asleep (even though I’m supposedly better from the mono…) is killing my writing game. The goals I made for the first quarter aren’t even close to done.

First Quarter Goals (due by March 31):

  • Defend Prospectus

  • Complete Chapter 1

  • LLC Formed (this definitely isn’t going to happen this quarter)

  • Finish Life Coaching Certification

  • Complete a Lenten Spending Fast (this one will go into the beginning of quarter 2)

  • Get my TX License

  • Name change paperwork

  • Get another TX license with the proper name

  • Get my passport with my new name

  • Interview Dad

  • Get my tattoo

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Galentines

  • Spring Equinox.


So far I have the tattoo (photo above), have celebrated my birthday and galentines, and have shown up to the DMV only to be told I didn’t have the right forms of id (see above comment about birth certificates). My prospectus is almost done, I think, though really are prospecti ever done? Who knows anymore. I feel like I’m stuck in a timeloop with my research and I’ll never get out.

At least my hair is purple again.


How are you doing on your 2019 goals?