Some Syllabi for those Who Miss Being in School


One of my favorite new trends among activists of late is the move from blaming people for being ignorant to genuinely offering help in learning more about the issues that impact us most. One way this has been done is to write syllabi for these issues that offer texts that can really explain what is happening in the world and where these issues come from. 

Here are three great syllabi that I have found helpful in learning more about social justice issues:

1. The Lemonade Syllabus-- Named for Beyonce's controversial song, "Lemonade," this syllabus can help us all understand the issues of black feminism better. 

2. The Standing Rock Syllabus--Most people don't realize the extent of the issues surrounding Standing Rock and the relationships between Indigenous groups and the Federal government. 

3. Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves--I think the title tells you everything you need to know. 

I highly recommend using these syllabi to construct your reading lists for the fall. Ignorance is no excuse when the resources are open to you to learn more. 

UPDATE 9/11/17: 

Here's another one that I forgot about when I was writing this: 

4. Get Out Syllabus--I didn't see the movie, but these seem like important conversations to have.