Link Love for Memorial Day

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

Thoughts on this week: So, the last week has been a busy one for sure! Gary was sick on Thursday, so we ended up at the vet. I've joined Rover, a dog walking and care app (for $20 off your first booking, use the code GARYTHECUTEONE). I've been reading and writing a lot this week, and am still not caught up with my reading list. But all in all, it's been great. My friend, Heidi, is back from Mexico. Dayna and I spent a lot of time working before she went out of town, so now I have double pup snuggles with Berk here. Life is good. 

What I’m Reading in real life: Mostly stuff for comps. My favorite text from last week was With His Pistol In His Hand

What I’m watching: I just finished my new favorite series, Dear White People (Netflix Original Series), and am happy to be binging the newest season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt between reading and writing. I'm also watching a lot of youtube videos on bullet journaling and the series from The Financial Diet

What I’m listening to: I'm really digging old fashioned hymns right now. Check out my youtube playlist with different versions of my all-time faves!

What else I’m digging: My latest obsession is bullet journaling. I'm absolutely addicted. My journal is almost full and I only started it mid-may! You can definitely expect a blog coming this week on bullet journaling and how I use it, along with photos from my journal and even a special edition bullet journal Link Love. 

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Popery (Catholicism/Spirituality/Religion):

  • Material Koinonia (Experimental Theology): I think this is a good start at a really interesting and important core part of Christianity. If only we thought of koinonia in the same way that our early church fathers and mothers did! 

  • The Politics of Faithful Waiting—Acts 1:6-14 (Fritz Wendt) (Political Theology Today): A great reflection on waiting and the Ascension. 

  • Suffering to Give Birth to a New World (Experimental Theology): A comforting, yet challenging reflection on what it means to believe Christ is the Messiah. 

  • Holy Disobedience (Anna Floerke Scheid) (Political Theology Today): A great reminder about the importance and inherent Christian identity in protesting. 

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