The first Link Love of 2018!

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

Thoughts on this week:

What I’m Reading in real life: Right now, I'm researching for chapter 3 and reading for my classes that I'm teaching. 

What I’m watching: Full House and Fuller House

What I’m listening to: The Planner Girl Chatter podcast

What else I’m digging: Being back in school


My Writing

This week: On New Year's Goal, My Birthday, and the start of a year I'm planning to rock! (BTWM)

What I read this week:

My favorite read from the last few weeks: Saying 'yes' to a priceless 'nun cut' (Global Sisters Report): I love this reflection from my sister, Tracey. 

Movies and TV:

  • In Praise of Paris Geller and Her Anger (Slate): The older I get, the more I love Paris Geller. "The emotion Paris tends to express most often—disappointment—might seem like humility, but it's actually a side effect of her ambition, something than stems from a real desire for the world to be better than it is. Or, in Paris’ case, for yourself to be better than you are. Her primary goal in life, after all, is to “be able to read an in-depth biography about herself and not be disappointed.”  What a goal. Let's all be like Paris. #noregrets

Life in General:

Goals: Given that we're at the start of a new year, I thought I'd do a whole section on goals. 

Tough and Awkward Topics: 

Art and Other Pretty Things:

Academia, Education, and Teaching: 

  • PhD Talk for AcademicTransfer: How to select which conference to attend (PhD Talk): This is helpful for new academics trying to figure out what conferences to attend. 

  • 5 Principles of Outstanding Classroom Management (Edutopia): Some good reminders here.

  • The gift of record-keeping: A tool for future promotion (The Research Whisperer): While I have tried to keep track of my achievements, this article is definitely a wake up call! And the included excel spreadsheet is fantastic!

  • 3 Assumptions Teachers Should Avoid (Edutopia): I struggle with this because often my students aren't able to do things I assume they should be able to do. I like the term "commiting assumicide." Once my students know that I am disappointed in them, they lose interest. But of course the opposite problem is when I have to stop and explain but the others get restless. This is one of the greatest challenges of teaching such a diverse population. 

  • How successful academics write (The Thesis Whisperer): This article talks about a new book by Helen Sword, author of Stylish Academic Writing. Although I wasn't crazy about that text when I first read it, I've come to appreciate Sword and was interested to learn about her new book. I'm planning on picking up a copy soon, but in the meantime, I took the included quiz. I'm a "Hang Glider." According to the quiz, "Your skill level is high, and you often engage in fruitful conversations with other writers; however, you struggle to write as productively as you would like to, and you get little joy from writing." While I'm not sure that I get little joy from writing, I definitely think that I struggle with productivity. Maybe the book will help!

  • Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account At Academia.Edu (Forbes): A good thing to consider. 


  • 23 Dogs Making ‘Sweater Weather’ the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (The Dogington Post): I'm not sure about you, but I have come to adore dogs in sweaters. Gary has two that I love and his bestie, Aki, is the most adorable beagle in a sweater I have ever seen. In case you don't have your own doggo in sweaters or if you just can't get enough, check out these good boys. What about your doggos? Do they like sweaters?