What I read this Week: The "Taking a Break from Work" edition

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. Enjoy!

It's been a while since I've been able to do a Link Love page. Easter crept up on me and now it's the busiest part of the semester. It's been crazy at UNT and I'm writing this while taking a break from work at my desk (avoiding editing and grading). What about where you are? How are you? What's up?

My Writing

Two Years Ago: Resurrection: This piece from the Spiritual Uprising blog brings me back to a time in my life that was so painful, but also molded me so much. 

An article of mine that I've looked at a lot lately: Listen to Your Body


What I read this week:

Popery (Catholicism/Spirituality/Religion):


  • I Like Words (Letters of Note): This story about a man whose letter launched his career was really interesting. 
  • Old-Fashioned Niceties That Deserve a Comeback (Real Simple): Although some of these are not pen related, I first noticed this article for the first few items about pens and writing letters and thank you notes. 

Paperbacks (Books and Writing):

Movies and TV:

Life in General:

Be Aware:

Tough and Awkward Topics: 

To make you Laugh:

  • 10 Life-Changing Tips to Make Your Home So Much Cleaner (Mom.Me): This article is ridiculously funny. My friend, Ruby, shared it on facebook and I had to share it with you. For all those moms (or single teachers--REPRESENT!) who struggle to keep their homes clean enough to meet weird societal magazine standards, this article is for you. 

  • Language Rivalry Turns Violent (UD News): Every year, the University of Dallas Newspaper prints an April Fools edition (which is usually around the same weekend that droves of high school seniors come on campus and are incredibly confused by said newspaper). This article is my favorite from this year's edition. I love this faux-quote from a Classics major: “I don’t see what the problem is,” a Latin student said while taking a break from what he called a noble fight.  “It’s not like we have a superiority complex or something.  We just happen to study the language of poetry, science, history, reason, law, civilization itself and God.”

Education and Teaching:

Simplicity and Minimalism:

  • From Clutter and Depression to Minimalism and Contentment (Nourishing Minimalism): If I'm honest, I relate to this so much more than I want to. I grew up surrounded by hoarders. My room is more full than I would like. Now that I'm getting ready to move into a bigger place,I'm really anxious about making sure my stuff doesn't expand. It's hard. It takes work. But it's so, so worth it!
  • Her Home Has Been Named The Most Organized Home In America. See For Yourself Why… (Trend Frenzy): Not actually about minimalism (because minimalism and organizing are actually very, very different), but I really like this video for the ideas that it gives me about how to organize the things I do have. I like things looking clean and easy to access. As I'm getting ready to move, I'm really thinking about how to make my belongings work in the new space. Good ideas here.