Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen Review

Quick Information: Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen

Color: Red with Lime Green (“Apple Candy”)

Nib: Medium

Nib material: Steel

Ink: Royal Blue Cartridge (came with pen)

(Can use a standard international converter)

Length (capped): 5.4 inches

Length (uncapped): 5.1 inches

Post: Does not post (because the material is twisted, it just doesn’t post)

My thoughts: 

I have to admit that when this pen came in my December Pen Box, I was a little disappointed at first. I don’t like chunky pens usually, and this one looked both chunky and a little silly. This is a good time to remember that looks can be deceiving.

When I put the cartridge in and started using it I completely changed my mind. This pen is much more about how it feels in hand than about how it looks. The twist is super comfortable to hold thanks to a really awesome soft grip that feels like it is molded just for me. As a right-handed writer, I find that it’s perfect. I imagine it might be less fun for a lefty.

The pen itself is made from a lightweight plastic and is brightly colored in red and lime green. The Pelikan Twist is really meant as a pen for children, but like most fountain pens meant for children, it’s actually a really great pen. I say that especially because of the nib. The medium nib is about average for German medium nibs and the nib itself feels like very high quality. It writes smoothly and perfectly. In the month that I have used it, the pen has not skipped or had a dry start. Sometimes there is a little ink that gets on the nib, but I would imagine that’s from living in my backpack. Other than that, it’s a GREAT nib for the price of the pen. As an owner of one of Pelikan’s higher end pens, I have to say—this pen feels like a Pelikan. It’s that smooth.

From looking at their website, it seems that Pelikan actually makes a lot of pens for kids and I might have to try one of the others out because this is a great pen for the retail price of $15.50.

Now, as I said before, the Pelikan Twist came as part of my iPenBox from the iPenStore. The monthly subscription is $30 and the two boxes I have received were AMAZING. Seriously. I highly recommend it. But, for those of you who didn’t get it in the Pen box, you can find the Pelikan Twist at for $15.50, which I think is a great deal. Other than my lovely red/green pen (whose name is “Apple Candy” for the red and green, which came as part of the “Home for Christmas” themed box), they have a blue (fresh ocean) and an orange (summer splash).

Shown next to a Lamy Safari for scale. 

Shown next to a Lamy Safari for scale. 

Pros: Great nib, writes smoothly, comfortable grip

Cons: Rather large and bulky, seems obnoxious at first (it has grown on me, now I think it’s kind of cute)

Overall: GREAT pen for the price. I totally recommend it.