Link Love Friday: January 29

Every week, I curate a list of the best links and articles to make you think and keep you informed. I hope you enjoy this week's selection. 



Religion, Christianity, and Catholicism:

  • Church Trek: The Next Generation (NCR): This is a great reflection on what it means to be Catholic and the moments when we have sometimes overlooked our Church's failings in a way that we should rethink. I really appreciated the author's consideration of her daughter's decision to become Episcopalian. Also, no one should have to sign that form to be confirmed. Sacraments should not be politicized. 

  • The Rebel Virgins and Desert Mothers who Have Been Written out of Christianity's Early History (Atlas Obscura): I have always loved stories about the desert mothers, especially Holy Melania. I'm grateful for this great outlining of the history. (P.S. Melania literally traveled with and preached beside Paul half the time. His bit about women not talking in Church? He didn't follow that rule himself. This is a case of the usual "we don't know what he was responding to in the letter, so we should probably proceed with caution" kind of situation.)

  • It's Time for National Confession of Sin (Sojourners): I'm not sure this really needs my commentary. 

Books and Writing: 

Geek Life/ Fandoms: 

Pens, Paper, and Lettering:

  • The Paper Chase: Confessions of a stationery addict (Slate): Although my paper collection is not quite up to this level, I can relate through my own collection of over 100 fountain pen inks. I love June's reflections on stationery and the deep craving and comfort it bestows. 

  • Fountain Pen Contentment (FP Quest): I enjoyed this article and also relate to the sentiment. For the most part, I'm really happy with my collection. There are a couple pens on the to-buy list, but I'll get them eventually. In the meantime, I love writing with my pens and I do write them dry. 

  • Meet The Man Who Created Papyrus, The World's (Other) Most Hated Font (Fast Co. Design): Even as a calligrapher who has designed her own fonts (for personal use), I have never given much thought to who designed the fonts we used on a daily basis. Papyrus is one of those fonts that I have a love-hate relationship with, but I never considered who might have designed it. This is a great story and I thought it was really cool to learn more about the creator of such a well-known typeface. 

  • Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter (Business Insider): I completely disagree with the idea that typing is faster, but I also think that this argument is more important. You need to process what you write in notes, otherwise you learn nothing by taking them. 

Simplicity/Minimalism/Natural Living/Farming:


Other Interesting Articles: 

  • Breaking the Gender Binary: The Navajo had Four Genders (Spirit Science): I have always found the native ideas of the two-spirited to be interesting and helpful in navigating gender discussions. Although I know many of my friends are completely against or turned off by these ideas, they are not without precedent in the West, either.