Link Love Friday- Christmas Edition

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Merry Christmas! For those of you taking a break from the stress of holidays and family by escaping to the web (or those of you reading this after Christmas), here are some great articles that can help you reflect. This is a day late, but worth the wait. 


Simplicity/ Minimalism





  • Horsepower vs. Horse Power: Which Wins? (Modern Farmer) This is a fascinating article about how a lot of sustainable farmers are moving back to relying on teams of horses. I've been interested in this for a while. "Leslie believes farming with draft animals can create a “truly regenerative agriculture” that can help humans reclaim their place in the fabric of life. “Those who farm this way are engaged in relationship. At its best, this relational quality can further enhance the qualities that have made us most human; qualities such as trust, loyalty, and empathy. A relationship with a horse, even a practical working relationship, can change your way of seeing and relating to the world,” he says."
  • Is Eating Lettuce Really Worse For The Environment Than Eating Bacon? (Modern Farmer) This is an interesting article about a new study from Carnegie Mellon.