An introduction to the next two posts...

I am aware how long it has been since I posted and I'm sure that I am overdue for a description of Baccalaureate, the President's Gala, Commencement, my graduation party, saying adieu to Dallas, my trip to Houston, and my trip home. However, right now I just want to give a brief introduction to two speeches that I will be sharing that (in my mind) sum up a great deal of my UD experience.

One of my favorite professors (note, ONE of, not the only- I'm pretty sure I have at least ten favorite professors from UD, so if a professor who is not Roper is reading this, do not be insulted!) is my Literary Traditions professor from Rome (who I enjoyed enough to take again for Lit Trad IV back in Irving). When we were leaving Rome, he addressed our class on our last night in Rome. Then, at Convocation, he shared his wisdom again (as I noted in my last post).

Dr. Roper has two big questions that he always asks his class: "What is the nature of reality?" and "How should a life be lived?"

During the last two years, I have spent a lot of time thinking about these questions, and I think I will continue to do so. The understanding that reality must be a comedy and not a tragedy because of the Resurrection has stuck with me, and in some of the most difficult moments I have looked back on that and remembered that all really will be well (Julian of Norwich).

So, because I value his words and have enjoyed both of these, I thought I would share them with you. I will post them above, because I think the combined lengths would be too long for just one post.