Bucket List


1.     Interview Dad about his childhood

2.     Become comfortable with an instrument

3.     Finish a novel

4.     Learn how to budget

5.     Publish a book

6.     Spend a year in another country

7.     Pray every day

8.     Journal every day

9.     Read the Bible all the way through

10.  Finish all unfinished projects or let them go

11.  Get my certificate in Spiritual Direction

12.  Study permaculture

13.  Enter a piece of calligraphy in a show

14.  Watch all episodes of Star Trek and Doctor Who

15.  Read all of Tolkien and Lewis

16.  Read all the books I own and get rid of the ones I don’t like

17.  Finish my PhD

18.  Reread all the UD core books

19.  Learn to dance

20.  Set out on a trip with no destination

21.  Take part in building a tiny house

22.  Be published in a scholarly journal

23.  Pay off student loans

24.  Pay off credit cards

25.  Be debt free


26.  Adopt

27.  Have an emergency savings account

28.  Buy a house

29.  Learn how to make pottery

30.  Own a spinning wheel

31.  Learn how to ride a bike

32.  Healthy weight

33.  Take one of Shauna Ahern’s cooking classes

34.  Ride a horse

35.  Get a tattoo

36.  Learn how to fight with a sword

37.  Read a whole novel in another language

38.  Finish a marathon

39.  Open my own retreat/education center

40.  Take some business classes

41.  Memorize more poems and speeches

42.  Become fluent in Spanish


Kait’s Dallas Bucket List:




1.     Perot Museum

2.     Zoo Nights at the Dallas Zoo

3.     Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

4.     The Sixth Floor Museum

5.     Reunion Tower spinning restaurant

6.     Dallas Aquarium

7.     The Meadows Museum

8.     African American Museum

9.     Dallas Holocaust Museum and Center for Education and Tolerance

10.  Klyde Warren Park



Kait’s Travel Bucket List:


11.  Visit all 50 states

12.  Visit a Native American reservation

13.  India

14.  Russia

15.  Irish countryside

16.  Costa Rica with Hannah

17.  Revisit all Rome adventures

18.  San Antonio

19.  Seattle

20.  Visit the tomb of John XXIII (Rome)

21.  Disneyland

22.  Austin—to sightsee this time